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C.M.C designs, manufactures and installs equipments for industries and communities.

Our Design Department allows us to intervene on new constructions of wastewater treatment plant or on restoration.

Our products:

  • Curved screener
  • Straight screener
  • Static oil separator
  • Aerated circular and alternating oil separator
  • Circular and alternating sand separator
  • Static or circular grease, starch and hydrocarbon separator
  • Aeroflotator
  • Primary settling basin


  • Sprinkler
  • Aeration brush
  • Slow and fixed turbine
  • Slow and floating turbine
  • Diametrical and radial scraper bridge
  • Diametrical and radial suction bridge
  • Alternating scraper bridge
  • Central drive scraper bridge
  • Thickener